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UGOCHI & African Soul Ensemble Welcome You

Ibiala   (Welcome)


About the African Buttafly

A Creative Force of Nature

Ugochi, also affectionately known as the "African Buttafly," is an internationally renowned singer/songwriter/poet who began her exciting musical journey of inspired discovery in 1997 from Chicago's vibrant poetry scene. Since then, Ugochi has grown into a multidisciplinary artist, combining her unique poetic style with her native musicality. Ugochi uses constant collaboration with guest artists and her beloved band of brothers which include

Shawn Wallace - Keyboards

Justin Boyd - Drums

Deshon Newman - Percussion

Jeff Harris - Bass

Charmanik - Guest Cuban Rapper/Poet

Ugochi uses experimental sound exploration, African/Indigineous tones and improvisation to shape the signature sound that has become original to Ugochi  & African Soul Ensemble (A.S.E.) Ugochi’s musical interests span all corners of the globe. A child of Nigerian, West African parents, Ugochi combines elements of her afrobeat influence with jazz, house, reggae and soul aesthetics.  Her music, rich with poetic harmonies and uplifting ideas, have taken her to Paris, Amsterdam, London, Leeds, Italy as well  as Nigeria,  Ghana,  Brasil,  Jamaica, Ethiopia  and  Cuba. have Ugochi & A.S.E. have only just begun to share their heartwarming music with the world. 

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How Ugochi became the African Buttafly

A Story Steeped in Sound

Throughout the course of her musical career, Ugochi has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues locally and internationally, making dozens of appearances and continuing to record new singles, Ugochi has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 1997. In 2003, After traveling to Amsterdam, London and Paris, Ugochi returned to Chicago and recorded her debut album, African Buttafly. The rest, as they say, is history. She serves as both an inspiration and a role model. UgochiI is a multidisciplinary creative; writer, poet, singer, dancer, playwright, educator, activist.

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UGOCHI - Don't Mind Them

UGOCHI - Don't Mind Them

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P.O. Box 439193
Chicago, Illinois 60643  USA

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