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Above the Clouds

Mind Music

African Soul in Bloom

African Buttafly Cover Art.JPG

african buttafly

With african buttafly, Ugochi began her walk on the road to creating compelling musical as well as lyrical work. Listen and enjoy the superior sound quality of this album that’s been called an instant classic.

UGOCHI ASE Album Cover (2).jpeg

Ugochi & A.S.E.

(Afro Soul Effect)

It's catchy songs, piercing instrumentation and melodies make A.S.E. a fan favorite. Ugochi & A.S.E. (African Soul Ensemble) poured themselves into all the lyrics and accompanying arrangements. Take some time to discover the meaning of their message music.


Love Shot

When mind, music and Montego Bay come together, the result is a powerful title song for a masterful album by the same name. On this album project, Ugochi digs deep into her musical soul, reprising some of her favorite house music original jams of old alongside some new, personal Afrobeat bangers with the legendary innovator of Afrobeat drum, Tony Allen.  Powerful lyrics and harmonious melodies.

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