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It can be a hard job keeping up with Ugochi and her many interests. She remains in service to her community and lives her life on purpose. From performing her music and/or poems LIVE or virtually, locally, nationally and/or internationally, to media interviews, poetry commissions, poetry workshops, writing plays and more. Be the first to find out all about what the African Buttafly is up to.

Get in touch with any questions or comments.

Ike Poetry Form...for the culture!

In 2015, Ugochi manifested the Ike (pronounced EE-kaypoetry form. Ike is an Igbo word that means "power." An Ike greatly resembles a Haiku poem in form but there is one major difference. It is a Pan African poem of sixteen syllables. First line is three syllables, one syllable for every letter in (RED), Second line is eight syllables (BLACK AND) and third line is five syllables (GREEN) traditionally invoking images inspired by black life, freedom, redemption and power. If you choose to write an Ike poem,  use the hashtag ‪#‎ikepoem and let's elevate and recreate the righteous impressions of blackness WE visualise for the betterment of black life and the black experience in the global diaspora.


From 1865 to Missou

Fear breeds white

retaliation on black lives

for education

#ikepoem #igbokwenu 


Racial Healing Circles Are Here!

Chicago, healing is on the way! Look out for TRHT (Truth Racial Healing & Transformation) circles coming to a neighborhood near you. Create sacred space and time for your divine body and mind. You owe yourself that. 

Each day is
another chance to dance in rain
gain wisdom from pain

Staying sane
is the prize, keep your eye on it
'til we meet again


She Through Me Cast Photo.jpg

She Through Me, 

A Message For The Times 

She Through Me™ is a sacred platform that is fertile ground for channeling the feminine forces of nature that are our ascended angels. We tellin' our own stories!!! 


Written by She Through Me™ annual soiree hosts Pilar Audain-Reed (Nina Simone) and Ugochi Nwaogwugwu (Miriam Makeba), this powerful prose is a catalyst to understanding the connection between the living and Ancestral realms.


She Through Me™ Cast:

Essence McDowell: Frances Cress Welsing

Eugina Whalen: Ida B. Wells, Madame CJ Walker

Lakiesha Dunn: Margaret Burroughs, Mimi

Loveborne Alexander-El: Sheba

Muteeat Lawal: Maya Angelou

Pilar Audain-Reed: Nina Simone, Peaches

Sadira Muhammad: Katherine Dunham, Four Women

Saidia Murphy: Precious, Four Women

Saundra Benton: Billie Holiday

Ugochi Nwaogwugwu: Miriam Makeba, Gwendolyn Brooks

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