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My "Lifesaving" Trip to the Heath Food Store

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

There are no coincidences. God makes no mistakes. Yesterday, I was part of God's master plan. The thought still gives me chills.

I had a good friend @latoyaekemode visiting from Nigeria. She wanted some herbs, toiletries to take back with her today, friday the 13th. Because of Covid, she didn't want to go far. I suggested the Whole Foods in my area without much thought, but a long time friend of hers suggested @southtownhealthfoods which is a local ma & pa store that I support in my area as well. It seemed like the day was dragging and we were still in the house. No real pressure on time, but understanding that we had to soon leave the house or we would never get anywhere.

Hours later, we finally arrive at South Town. Latoya did her shopping, then we went to the juice bar to get live juice. The attendant said it will be awhile. I was not really interested in waiting but Latoya really wanted the juice. We decided to settle in and began salivating over the vegan desserts in a glass display before us when a jazzy older woman comes in and asks for the ginger shot. We also ordered that. The attendant told her to take it like a shot, throw it back. The woman did just that, but when her head faced front she looked panicked. We all asked if she was ok, she didn't speak, she just started reaching out her hands and walking away like she was in a daze.

By this time, other people in the store were looking on and Latoya quickly twisted off the cap and gave her some of the alkaline water she was about to purchase. The woman would or could not drink the water offered. I watched her from the juice bar but didn't know how serious her situation was or if I should go up to a complete stranger during Covid and perform such an intimate posture. Then the juice bar attendant said "She doesn't need water she needs air. She needs the Heimlich. I don't know how to do the Heimlich." I don't remember much after that.

Before I realized what I was doing, I sprinted across the store and dropped my purse along the way. Instantly, I was behind the woman, lifting her up under her breast plate, giving her the Heimlich manuever. After the first pump, no response. But after the second pump she began to cough. She had fresh air coming in an out of her lungs. I patted her back gently to be sure the airway was open. That is when I realized the crowd forming and people beginning to react to what they had just witnessed. The miracle of her breathing again. That is when I began to shake and hugged my friend Latoya before I buried my face, wet with tears, into her olive cardigan sweater.

I am a caregiver for both my parents. I have been trained in CPR and other manuevers like the Heimlich but I have NEVER had to use it. I wasn't really sure if the woman was suffering because she was so calm about what could have been her final breaths. But when I heard, "She needs the Heimlich..." I sprung into action and have never felt so sure of myself as a healer and caregiver. It is hard to say what I heard, but I moved like it was a direct command from God.

The woman was so grateful once she realized I was the one who saved her from choking. We talked for a while and exchanged information. I was humbled and startled. Truthfully, I am still in awe at what God had just done through me.

Earlier that morning as Latoya and I meandered around the house, she called me a healer and a tossed the title to the side and added "reluctant" healer to her unwanted label. But the truth is, we ALL are healers when we are open to be used by the Most High. When God calls you to act, you will move like a flash of lightning, sending streaks of electric energy that shock the system back to life. I will never forget this day, November 12, 2020. The day I saved someone's life.

Latoya Ekemode & I. From Chicago to Nigeria, Yoruba & Igbo love!!

Look at this beautiful Queen. Our paths crossed for a reason.

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