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An African Buttafly in France

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Photos sur la route depuis la France avec Le Bridge 2.9. De Grenoble, Vitrolles, Avignon. Brest, Dijon, Toulouse, Poitiers, Carcassonne, Strasbourg, Lille, Paris et Pantin.

Photos on the road from in France. From Grenoble, Vitrolles, Avignon, Brest, Dijon, Toulouse, Poitiers, Carcassonne, Strasbourg, Lille, Paris and Pantin.

From January 19th 2023 until February 12th 2023, I had the opportunity to tour with the bridge 2.9. This was a jazz band put together by Alexandre Pierrepont. The band consisted of five players. Two players from Chicago, myself on voice and Coco Elysses on diddley bow and percussion. The remaining three players were from france, Sakina Abdou on saxophone and flutes, Julien Pontvianne on tenor saxophone, clarinette and Julien Chamla on drums. The photos tell the performance and road warrior tale. It was non-stop music and movement mixed with lovely interactions with new friends and supporters.

I also had the most engaging and uplifting time teaching the masterclass with the students of the Conservatory in Paris. To see them become more aware of their power and process empowered me too. It was the perfect start to a magnificent last day of sharing words, wsidon and sound from the soul.

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