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A.S.E. ( Afro Soul Effect)

A.S.E. ( Afro Soul Effect)

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Introducing A.S.E. (Afro Soul Effect) - a collection of music, books and t-shirts inspired by the mind and life of Ugochi. From uplifting melodies to positive words, this collection is designed to benefit the planetary vibration. By supporting A.S.E., you are helping Ugochi continue to spread positivity through her art. Thank you for your support, and let's raise the vibration together.





  • FREE A.S.E. Album Cover Poster

    Receive a FREE A.S.E Album Cover Poster with the purchase of the cd while supplies last. 

    A.S.E. - Afro Soul Effect music, is a combination of R&B, Gospel, Soul, Samba, Jazz, Reggae and Afrobeat music devices utilized by first generation, direct descendants of Africa living abroad, with great emphasis of merging spiritual and secular themes fo uplift the most High. 

    Warning: The effect of this brand of music is transformative to its listeners all over the globe.

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